The era of digitization and technological disruption has had a huge impact on companies in the manufacturing industry. Organizations around the world are now implementing innovative technologies to transform manufacturing and excel in creating breakthrough Factories of the future.

Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Factories are some of the terminologies in use today to describe evolutionary game changing innovations that is disrupting the way products are manufactured for ever. The Future Factory is the only dedicated initiative focused on the manufacturing and Industrial Sector hosting over 500 Attendees from the leading companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to create a knowledge sharing platform to discuss the current challenges and opportunities, global shift in trends and understand from industry thought leaders on the latest in technology and strategy to transform into the Factories of the future.

The Future Factory will be the biggest conference in the kingdom bringing together 40 of the most innovative products, services & technology providers for Industrial cities, smart manufacturing, digital factories, industry 4.0 and IIOT, come, explore, learn and understand the latest cutting-edge technologies and advancements in Automation, Robotics, Software, Cyber Security, Sensors, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other related areas. The platform is a key enabler in the kingdom’s transformative Journey towards achieving VISION 2030, attend, support, sponsor or exhibit and join us to



Our vision is to become the premier high-level business initiative for global and regional industrial leaders to come together to transform the manufacturing and industrial landscape for the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We intend to play a part by providing this platform, hence enabling the goals of Vision 2030 for economic diversification and improve the output from the industrial and manufacturing sector as set out in the Vision 2030 plan.


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